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825 Bloomfield Ave.
Suite 107
Verona,  NJ,  07044  


Thigh, Foot and Lower Back Pain

I've been coming to Emil for about 3 years now. I originally sought treatment because of an extremely deep pain in the back mid section of my right thigh, a numb right foot, and lower back pain. I had been through a barrage of medical testing, along with numerous doctor visits, only to be sent on my way without resolve. That's when I was referred to Emil.

Emil sat me down, asked about my medical history and what I was currently experiencing. I felt an immediate connection to him. He had a real down to earth nature. Never having had acupuncture, and actually recommended to receive "Chinese massage therapy". I was afraid of the unknown (and the needles too). He patiently explained what he was going to do, what I might experience during treatment, and what his expectations were for my healing. He also told me his goal was to treat me, and make me "go away healthy and relieved of pain".

After the first treatment, miraculously to me, I began to have feeling in my right foot on the drive home! I was a little stiff and sore the next day, but that wouldn't stop me from going back! I knew what Emil was doing was working!

I went back for two more visits. The pain was gone, and I was able to feel my foot again for the first time in almost a year! Amazing results within just two weeks being treated by Emil. He told me I didn't need any more treatments. He was right. The pain was gone and I was able to feel my foot. I was so impressed with the progress made in such a short time, I insisted on having one more treatment before I sat on a plane for 4 hours to Colorado.

Having such a positive experience, I now continue visiting Emil for regular 'tune ups' to keep myself balanced and whole. My leg, foot and back have been fine since, and, I've come to understand the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for my all around health. I've recommended him often; one being my sister who had extreme back pain during her last pregnancy. She too was extremely pleased with the results. I whole heartedly and honestly recommend seeing Emil for your own aches and pains, health and wellbeing. He is a true healer!

-------- Mary C., Airmont, NY --------

TMJ and Other Pain

My journey with Emil began in 2001 when I was recommended to see him by a mutual acquaintance. I suffered from TMJ and other aches, pains and ailments which were later diagnosed as tendonitis as well as sleep apnea. Since that time Emil has helped to relieve a host of nagging complaints like pain and discomfort in my knee, hip, side, low back, hand and sinuses. He even helped me march through menopause. Emil is a gifted health practitioner whose magic hands have helped me overcome many things. He's definitely kept me on the road to health.

-------- Kathy D, Paterson, NJ --------

Fatigue from Cancer Treatments

I have been a patient of Emil for over twenty years. He's helped me overcome innumerable complaints and ailments during that time. Most recently I had to endure eleven months of radiation therapy for a stage three breast cancer. My immune system was really worn out and I was so tired I didn't even want to get out of bed. Regular sessions with Emil have helped me to become a truly grateful breast cancer survivor. I'm certain the combination treatment of acupuncture, tuina and herb remedies helped me recover much more quickly and easily. I thought the results were remarkable and perhaps the best part is there were no side effects and I feel stronger than before. Thanks Emil, you're a knowledgeable and gifted healing practitioner.

-------- Julie A, Belleville, NJ --------

Severe Sciatica

I had been suffering with severe sciatica for almost six months. I went through Rolfing, Chiropractic, Yoga and anti-inflammatory drugs. Nothing could relieve the tightness and pain in my leg and lower back. After just one session of Acupuncture and Tuina with Emil, I had 90% relief. I have continued with Emil as his treatments have helped to relax my shoulders and back as well. Those knots that never go away are gone and have not come back. Emil's "down to earth' demeanor make for a very relaxing experience.

-------- Mike K., Caldwell, NJ --------

Neck Pain Due to Herniated Disk

I initially came to Emil for relief of neck pain caused by a herniated disk. I found immediate relief from my very first session which entailed the combination of Acupuncture and Tuina massage therapy. Not only was the pain totally gone but I was so deeply relaxed I could have fallen asleep and I left the office with a great sense of well being. I have since then incorporated Acupuncture and Tuina into my health maintenance program, as a way of staying healthy and keeping my energy balanced; not just as a means of correcting a problem.

-------- Gina M., Essex Fells NJ --------

Thank You

Emil's great knowledge and skill in all aspects of Chinese Medicine are matched by the generous spirit which he brings to his work with clients. He is a wonderful practitioner and I am proud to have him as a colleague and friend.

-------- Monica Biondi. L.Ac., Montclair NJ --------

Pain Relief and Tuina

I was very fortunate to have met Emil after spending a year of unsuccessful medical treatments for abdominal pains. The pain went away after only four sessions of Tuina and acupuncture treatments. I felt confident in his healing abilities from the very beginning of my treatment. There seemed to be a healing touch that comes through his hands that goes deeply into my body and the comfort of Tuina massage is truly amazing. Periodically, I return to Emil for "maintenance". I highly recommend Emil's therapies to anyone who is experiencing distress and in need of relief.

-------- Olga S., Montclair NJ --------

Lower Back Pain Relief

I started working with Emil in spring 2007. Early on I started to notice that I was feeling relief from the pain in my lower back. During the ensuing three months I was able to regain control over the physical manifestations of uterine fibroids and an extremely stressful life. I had dropped 4 lbs and found myself smiling often. After four months of treatment I felt energized and much like my old self, again - I was happy. It has been a tremendous asset in my daily existence to find such highly professional support in such a gentle and caring practitioner; particularly for a condition that is usually treated with a wait-and-see approach.

-------- Lucia A., Bronx NY --------

Body Insurance

Treatments by Emil G. are essential to my health. I rarely become sick. I experience wonderful energy and have few aches and pains. I look at it as body insurance. Done every few weeks it is deeply healing with visible results.

-------- Sally M., West Orange NJ --------

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